ACTIONS: let’s start with the body
Yale University, School of Art

In this performance workshop/seminar we will look to the body (our bodies) as a way of understanding the material world, as a means of production, and as a potential subject. Through readings, screenings and experiments, we’ll examine perception, the senses, time and consciousness, our relationship to both natural and constructed space, interaction with other bodies, as well as the metaphoric body — political and biological. This class aims to encourage development of individual performative methodologies to inform (and perhaps alter) the nature of the students’ current artistic practice. With an expansive definition of performance — actions in any medium — students will conceptualize and realize several short projects through-out the term. Writers and artists’ whose work we will consider, include: Gibert and George, Bruce Nauman, Maurice Merleau-Ponty, Beatriz Colomina, Paul McCarthy, Chris Burden, Jeremy Deller, William Pope.L, Derek Jarman, Yayoi Kusama, Frantz Fanon, Christian Rizzo and Louise Bourgeois.

“The body is a fluid signifying system which…is continuously undergoing challenging and liberating transformations.” - Tracey Warr

Impossible Dance
workshop, Bennington College, February 2017

Vast Action

November 1-17, 2017
WED FRI 10am-1pm
MR@Abrons Arts Center G05

November 20, 2017
MON 10am-1pm & 8pm Performance at MR@Judson

$150 full workshop
See website for tech and performance schedule.


We will explore imperfect systems, extended yet unpredictable timings, and watery boundaries, towards creating a mass action to be shown at Movement Research at the Judson Church on Monday, November 20. This workshop involves improvisation and learning movement material with attention to detail; and requires stamina. Commitment to all sessions essential.