c lo u d

Meant for an intimate audience, this evening-length dance takes place in an imagined room — which is continually expanding, contracting, shifting directions, refracted within the actual room. Morphing like clouds, performers and space share a swirling energy. Sometimes the dancers mirror each other; sometimes they are “ordinary people” (under a dark cloud) whose frustration, anger, and sadness propel them toward destructive behavior. Delicate structures often slip out of sync into unruliness, reconfigured through the nudge of a current. These unseen forces extend to the viewers, guiding their physical proximity in relationship to this de-centered work as it progresses…with a heightened sense of sharing the experience.

Performers: Talya Epstein, Maggie Jones, Melinda Ring, Rainey White
Lighting design: Paul Clay
Production Management: Lillie De
Costumes: Melinda Ring
Studio Assistant: Rainey White

Premiere, April 2018, Chocolate Factory Theater, Queens, NY
July 8, 2018, 4pm, Summit Rock, Central Park New York, NY

read A Code of Clouds, Cori Olinghouse

Melinda Ring researched, developed and honed c lo u d with financial, administrative and residency support from the Dance in Process program at Gibney Dance with funds provided by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. This project was made possible, in part, through The Movement Research Artist-in-Residence Program, funded, in part, by the Mertz Gilmore Foundation, the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, and the Davis/Dauray Family Fund. It was supported in part by the Center for Performance Research’s Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Artist in Residence program. Funding was also provided by The Foundation for Contemporary Arts, Grants to Artists program, John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation, and friends of Special Projects.

c lo u d was commissioned by the Chocolate Factory Theater.

Through a collaborative process, Talya Epstein, Maggie Jones, Molly Lieber, Kayvon Pourazar and Rainey White's improvisations and impulses are woven into the structure of c lo u d. sm_v2.jpg
photographs: ©Paula Court

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